No Common Franchise

July 13th, 2014

No Common Franchise

“to each his own.”

 Reality during the Super Moons was becoming completely subjective.

There was no longer a common thread – and the external manipulation of the senses had become so powerful that it did, in every way, provide a separate reality. . . . .

until Reality itself was becoming a personal choice –

and the scarry

thing wasn’t even

trying to figure out

your own reality.

what was much worse

was realizing that you

were part of someone

else’s reality – and

subject to the

rules of their


games of violence and mayhem perhaps.

 But you didn’t have to stop there.

What was it that Huxley called it? – “the feelies?!”


 oh! sex!!!

you say


murder and sacrifice and cannibalism.

You could take

a ride on

the Essex

with the




The crisp cold air had suddenly become overwhelming.

Zke knelt – looking

over the trees,

to the North –

and the Alps.






January 5th, 2014

If you ever go to Hell
let me know

cause I’m roundin’ up a group

mean mutherfukers

and I think Satan and his friends

should be told.

that we’re comin’ there to get you

and they better check their corners

their perimeters

Hell, just check it all!

Cause we’re comin’ there to get you

and there ain’t no delay

You best tellem’ that I’m comin’

Just before the clock strikes 12

And there is no recourse for folly or for


That he lays claim to,

Tellim’ that I’m comin’

That is all.

I’m gatherin’ an army

Of mean mutherfukers

And you better warn them

Let all Hell resound the call

That the slain will not lay in fields of battle

Nor will the righteous heed the steepest wall

That we’re comin’ there to get you

Cry it out!  From the rooftops!

Tell the Devil and his minions

Tell them all!

That we’re gatherin’ an army

Of mean mutherfukers

And we’re comin’ there to get you

Tell them all. Tell them all.

-  The Fool

January 1st, 2014

The Fool

looked at


and smiled.

“You can go down

any road


want –

for sure.”

and with a twinkle

in his eye

he said,

“just be sure your

joy is full.”

just be sure your joy is


To All the Rainbow People

January 1st, 2014

To All The Rainbow People

“Here’s the deal,” said the Fool,

“I own part of the Rainbow.”

“You and I are no

different in that


“But with all due


“we adjure, – “


“What you may feel

is my abhorrence

of you is

simply this – “

“Neither one of us –

though we own

a part of




Can claim

ownership of

the Rainbow

by default.”




“That ownership comes

from the sufferings

you have



“But” – “lets not

talk falsely now”


-         “For I too

-         have suffered –

ye know not



“Or do you



“So Chill.”




December 31st, 2013

“Useless tools”

                 - The Fool was

preparing to be profound


           - and then


                        smiled -


                “are useless.”

Fool for Christ

May 31st, 2008

Fool for Christ

Fool enough to follow

Fool enough to take a stand

Fool enough to speak up

Fool enough to ask

Fool enough to listen

Fool enough to trust His Word

Fool enough to to play the fool

For all the fools who won’t

Fool enough to see the foolishness

Of all the great accomplishments of men

To watch the river carry

All the memory of days and nights

Of toil and struggle

Anguish and conflict

All out war

And even the delight

Of the softest touch

And warm embrace

And kisses in the night

All foolishness and vanity

Destined to be weighed

And judged

The chaff to wind

The stubble, fire

The ashes and the dust

In rivulets to flow

Beneath the grass and weeds

And what remains and will endure?

The foolishness of Love.